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I’m having a mid-life crisis at 18

Blunt Bitch

I don’t think guys will ever truly understand how fast girls emotions can switch. Like really, if we try to be fucking romantic and you do something to fuck it up we are going to get pissed like really fast. Or if you are just stupid and clueless and don’t even try to understand. 

Right now I’m sick and I feel like absolute shit and people are just getting on my fucking nerves. Like on facebook, I’ve made my share of apocalypse jokes but some people are just dumb. Just shut the fuck up. 

And then there is this couple on my newsfeed and this girl is like ‘happy (#) months babe’ but this couple has been breaking up constantly, getting back together on and off, so no, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, you really haven’t been together for a full # of months, get the fuck over yourself, stop pretending the two of you are perfect and be real for a fucking millisecond. Like I use to know this couple who dated for a few months, then he cheated on her so they broke up, she saw a few guys and fucked them all, he did the same with a lot of girls, then they got back together, same exact thing happened, she fucked more guys after the break up and he fucked more girls, they got back together, this is the 3rd time I think, I might have missed count but I really don’t give a shit, but when they got back together the most recent time they were like ‘omg we’ve been together for so long, we can’t figure out if we want to start our anniversary on this new date or just continue the months we’ve been together since we first started dating’ like fucking weirdos, maybe you can celebrate with all the people you fucked. You can’t have an anniversary if you weren’t fucking together. That is like me going up to some guy and saying we’ve been together for 5 months. Fucking morons. Obviously I’m in a foul mood. Sorry guys. 

I mean really though, please don’t tell me that I’m the only one who feels this way…?

xxx lexyelyse

blunt bitch

I’m the type of person that can’t stand to see good things end. I have to re-read books and pause movies to brace myself. I know that might seem silly, but thats me. It’s always bittersweet. It’s weird how attached we become to people we don’t know and characters that don’t exist, for a while those worlds are our safe havens, they are our home away from home, we live in those worlds for 600 pages or 120 minutes. We get so wrapped up in the lives of people who are fake. It’s such a crazy thought. Yet I love them and I can never bring myself to read the ending or watch the finale, because I don’t want to let go of something that made me feel safe, that brought me happiness. I always have to start over right before I get to the conclusion and enjoy the journey all over before it gets to the very end. And even after I’ve read it or watched it, I might still cry even though I know how it will end. It’s just weird how it works that way. It is just weird. (side note, my grammar will never be perfect, sorry for that, I type how I speak, and it is probably awkward for those of you reading this who don’t actually know me.)

(another side note, I was asked to start blogging. Originally it was for beauty advice on makeup, but I usually ramble about a lot of things and when I put up my idea for blogging and video logging a lot of people told me I should do it, so here it is, my first blog entry thing, so yeah. Its all just going to be very random and whatever comes to mind).

ps I said I would call the blog “Blunt Bitch” and people liked it so… yeah

xxx lexyelyse 



I got the love of 1D down in my heart!

All directioners must watch this, too funny. 


I absolutely HATE it when guys have girlfriends and they flirt with girls over the internet. Really? Fuck you. And get over yourself. 

I don’t care if you’ve been dating for an hour, a relationship is a commitment and if all you wanna do is flirt then stay single. 

Ask me anything …

I need a good distraction, thanks. 

Didn’t go to school today, fight me. 

Didn’t go to school today, fight me.